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VIC group of companies increases cooperation with Russian agricultural and veterinary colleges and universities. This kind of interaction provides the company with a candidate pool for the future, attracting the best graduates in the highly-demanded specialties. On the 21nd of October, int he premises of the Moscow State Academy of veterinary medicine and biotechnology named after K. I. Scriabin (MVA) the VIC group conducted a round table on the topic "Introduction to the profession". The fourth-year students of the commodity science and animal origin raw materials expertise department and first-year bachelors of the specialty "Commodity expertise and category management in the field of veterinary goods circulation" participated in it.

The event was headed by the Deputy General Director for veterinary medicine of VIC group S.G. Dorofeeva and veterinary consultant of VETMARKET company (part of VIC group) O.G. Pronina. S.G. Dorofeeva told about the history of the company, its structure, achievements in production and scientific research, and the demand for the specialists. The round table was held in interactive form where students could ask questions on all topics of interest to them. A wide range of company's products also aroused interest – veterinary drugs, feed additives, cosmetics for animals and humans, and others. Participation of a VETMARKET's representative in the round table was justified. O.G. Pronina explained to the students that the VETMARKET sells veterinary drugs for small domestic animals, as well as other veterinary products. She is sure that category managers and specialists in the field of commodity examination will undoubtedly be in demand. "A category manager is a specialist who combines functions of a buyer, a seller, and a logistician –" O.G. Pronina said. - They must have knowledge of marketing and merchandising, know and take into account the volume of pet products production and their share in the Russian market. A category manager also needs to know modern tools to increase sales in the pet industry: use effective communication and advertising channels, work at pet exhibitions and events to attract customers, run promotions, and close deals. She also mentioned that in the context of the developing veterinary market, agricultural production is in urgent need of such specialists as well. In particular, livestock and poultry enterprises in Russia are looking forward to hire young professionals. The experience of previous meetings showed that students are keenly interested in possibilities of practical training and subsequent employment. It is no secret that among companies working in the field of veterinary goods production and sales, competition for qualified personnel is increasing. As S.G. Dorofeeva emphasized, students should gain knowledge and practical experience in their chosen profession. Svetlana Glebovna adviced young people to study veterinary medicine, animal science, commodity science, marketing, as well as foreign languages in order to learn the foreign professional experience - it is not possible to build successful professional career in veterinary business. The Academy's capabilities and its faculty staff provides a high-level education, and this opportunity should be taken advantage of.

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