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Veterinary Congress Vet. Camp 2020 - one of the largest industry events, held on February 18-21 at the Expoforum Exhibition Center in Saint Petersburg.

As part of the congress business program, several sections of surgery for single-discipline specialists worked, in particular, orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery, intensive care, rehabilitation, anesthesiology. Great interest was raised by the masterference - an educational project for veterinarians of the first opinion. This is a new demo training format that provides opportunity to get involved in the work of a primary care veterinarian and go all the way from symptom to diagnosis with the help of lecturers - leading diagnosticians. During the event, meetings, round tables, workshops and discussions were held, where opinions were exchanged on the pressing problems of animal medicine and related fields.

Participants discussed the development of information technologies in animal health, the establishment of intensive care units (ICU) in multidisciplinary clinics, statistics, moral and ethical aspects in approaching a critical patient, and other topical issues of veterinary medicine and related fields.

At the VETMARKET stand, a distributor of the VIC-Animal Health manufacturer and a member of the VIC Group of Companies, leading specialists, including veterinarians, advised visitors on the range, configuration, characteristics and use of VIC and DOCTOR VIC products. VETMARKET team presented the new drug SOLVESTAN (Vitamin K), used for vitamin K1 deficiency, for stimulation and improvement of the wool appearance, for dry and irritated skin treatment, as an antidote for poisoning with anticoagulants.


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